About Us

The Praxis School of Entrepreneurship is a private post-secondary training institute dedicated to helping individuals develop their entrepreneurial management skills and launch their companies.  Our business is helping you start your own business and we LOVE IT! 

Our signature startSMART Entrepreneurship Program has been running since 1991 and has seen over 700 alumni launch their companies in Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Many of them stay in touch and become part of our facilitation and coaching resources.  Our alumni all tell us that they love the opportunity to meet and set up their businesses with their classmates because they learn so much from each other and provide long term support to each other as entrepreneurs.  That is what it is all about - helping each other succeed!

Praxis School of Entrepreneurship is a registered educational institute in Saskatchewan and eligible students receive a T2202.


As of April 1, 2017 we will be in a new space, co-habiting with some like minded folks who love collaborating and creating together. Our vision has been and still is to co-live/work/create with diverse groups who have similar goals of growing through diversity. We started when we first moved in with our technology supplier years ago and loved it. Then we moved to Ideas Inc. where we were able to land several of our alumni and now this is the next step on our journey. Eventually we want to be living with several groups in a space that naturally facilitates creativity, innovation, fun, cross industry discoveries and helps us all grow by stepping outside of our comfort zones.

131 Wall Street
Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 6C2  
(306) 664-0500

Our office entrance is on the north side of the building off the parking lot. (We know – kind of like Hogwarts Express train station which we see as being perfect for us entrepreneurs.)


Our mission is to provide experiential, learner focused entrepreneurial training to assist individuals to launch or grow their company of choice within an environment where entrepreneurs teach and coach entrepreneurs.

Basically, we are here to help you start the business of your dreams!  And we do that by having entrepreneurs work with you.


We practice what we preach; we call it "eating our own dog food."  We have practicing entrepreneurs facilitate the workshops rather than "hire" employees. They also provide the weekly one on one coaching.  They provide the Entrepreneur Immersion learning evironment because we and they have all "been there - done that" and love to share that with you.

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