The Team

Praxis School of Entrepreneurship practices what it preaches; we call it "eating our own dog food." As stated in the corporate philosophy, it is the policy of the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship to contract entrepreneurs who are all practicing professionals in their fields as course facilitators rather then to "hire" employees. This policy was identified as one of the critical factors that has accounted for the high success rates of our clients. Indications from client feedback forms shows that the inclusion of actual practitioners in its team makeup continues to occupy a major roll in the strength of the entrepreneurship program. As opposed to simply passing on a theoretical knowledge, our facilitators speak from personal experience because they have all "been there - done that."


Core Team

This is the team that loves working with entrepreneurs so much that they do it 24/7!


This team brings their everyday experience to our entrepreneurs along with a thermometer and cookie when it seems like they need a short break!

Professional Support

These people keep us all grounded in reality and connected, through their professional expertise to the I’s and the T’s of entrepreneurship.