Frequently Asked Questions

exactly what is the startSMART program

While it has been independently evaluated as being equivalent to one and half years of full time university, our Program is primarily designed to take candidates through the process of launching and running their own enterprise. We provide customized entrepreneurial management training provided by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, followed by professional support and coaching during the start-up and operation stages of your business. You will be expected to launch your company BEFORE the program is complete. On average, our alumni launch between 3 and 5 months from the onset of the program.ent

Once you are accepted, you will work with a dedicated team of individuals experienced in helping others develop their business from the idea stage right through to its opening, operating and expansion. While the principal candidates for this Program are those desiring to start a business, it is also extremely beneficial for those that may have already started their business, but are interested in receiving additional training, particularly in key areas.

what is covered in the program?

We work with you to research and design your business from the ground up while learning how to run a business at the same time. During that process we cover such topics as;

At the end of the training portion of the program you will have a fully researched and proven plan of action to start your venture.

why should i take this program?

Starting a business takes time and money in addition to the idea and enthusiasm.  We have tracked our alumni and found that their success rate is double that of those who do not take training, and their time to breaking even is half that of those who do not take entrepreneurial management training.  Being an entrepreneur is a career.  Most people would not wake up one morning and say - hey! i think i want to be a doctor today - and then open up an office and start taking patients.  No - they take the time to learn what to do and how to do it, and then they start to practice.  Entrepreneurs of today need more than a desire and an idea - they need to know how to design a business that will deliver the best possible service or product to their customers in a way that is sustainable and fiscally balanced.  They need to know how to develop their business networks and manage people and do research.  Yes - you can start without any training but you will end up learning a lot of the lessons the hard way over a much longer period of time.

Enjoy the benefit of learning from successful entrepreneurs and emong peers that will be your best support group during and after the launch.

what is the learning environment like?

The full time program is held in a business incubator with access to photocopiers, computers, fax, printed resources, working space, and most importantly, access to other entrepreneurs. Every effort has been made to mimic the business environment during your learning. We don't simply teach about it, we do it, we live it, be breathe it. We have a strong commitment to practice what we preach.

Like any regular business, included in those resources is access to other business professionals including practicing accountants, lawyers, graphics and marketing specialists, bookkeepers, and other business advisors. As stated before, these are NOT teachers in an academic program, but all practicing professionals in their respective areas.

Our Distance Education option also mimics this environment as much as possible. We use Citrix® which is a computer networking solution used by over 80% of the fortune 500 companies. Through this you have direct online support 24/7 using a tool common in many business environments.

is everyone who applies accepted?

Just as not everyone is suited to be a professional hockey player, so too is not everyone suited to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. This is why we have such an involved assessment before recommending the program for you. While there are slight differences in requirements for the full-time program as compared with the Self-Directed program, in general, some of the things we look for during assessment are;

If applying for a funding through an agency (see Funding), you must meet the criteria of your sponsoring agency.

what will be expected from me if i am admitted?

The Program requires significant time, energy and commitment both to the learning process and to the establishment of a full time enterprise. Starting a business is an extremely challenging process. BUT, it can be more rewarding and is sometimes the only option for those who want to create a vision of their own and are ready to commit the resources to do it.  If you aren't prepared to give 120% to this venture, then you may want to wait until you are.

how can i apply for this program?

Start by downloading the application forms, filling them out and mailing, faxing, or emailing them to us. We will contact you in person prior to processing your application.

is there funding available for this program?

There are several funding bodies that support the startSMART Program. If you believe you might qualify for support, please contact us and we can discuss this with you further before you apply for funding.

Indicate that you are interested in the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship (Division of Global Infobrokers Inc.) startSMART Program. You will meet with a consultant to assess your needs for labour market programming. The consultant may refer you to us for assessment if they feel you meet their criteria.

Upon receipt of the referral, Praxis School of Entrepreneurship will contact you to review the program and the assessment requirements.

The application and assessment package can be downloaded from the Application page of this web site or may be available at the funding agency. The complete package includes four (4) documents PLUS your resume.

Praxis School or Entrepreneurship will contact you to arrange an interview time to review your business idea and assessment package. This may be done in a face-to-face meeting, or via telephone at a predetermined time.

After the interview and assessment, we will make a recommendation to you and your consultant (if you are being funded) regarding your suitability for the program.

If after the interview we and/or you determine that this program is not your best training option at this time, we will recommend alternatives where appropriate.

how much does the program cost?

Tuition for the Entrepreneurship Program is CAD $15,900 for the regular full time program and CAD $9,400 for the self directed - distance education model. Entrepreneurs for whom English is not their first language, must have at least a CLB7 to take the program. If they do not, they can upgrade their language skills through our sister school, the Praxis International Institute.

do you design and/or deliver other courses as well?

Yes we custom design training programs to match our clients' needs. We have provided this type of service for federal and provincial governments,  universities, colleges, private companies, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Some of the programs we have developed/provided to clients include; Complete Microsoft Office, Advanced Video Production, Photojournalism, PhotoShop and other graphics packages, Web design and HTML, intensive C++ programming, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) and "Business English" and cultural awareness for immigrants and new Canadians.