International Students

International Student Manual

For more information on our student policies, please refer to the Student Manual or talk to your facilitators with any questions or concerns. Complete copies of the Student Manual and all our policies are available at our central office: 99 – 120 Sonnenschein Way, Saskatoon, SK.

Download a PDF copy of the Student Manual [383KB]

The policies and resources in this section apply to students enrolled in the startSMART International Program.

Welcome to the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship (PSE).  We are excited to join you as you start your journey into entrepreneurship.  It is an exciting and challenging time and we want to make sure that you have access to what you need to make your stay with us comfortable.

Students come to PSE because we are entrepreneurs teaching entrepreneurs; our classes are small and interactive; students learn from and become supports for each other in the business community; and they are introduced to Canadian culture within an English speaking environment.  As some of our students have said:

"The course is truly amazing, it gives lots of tools and information to launch a company" - Nezar Freeny, Amanah Tech, Toronto

"I wholeheartedly recommend Global Infobrokers, their staff, program and ongoing mentorship as the perfect launch for anyone considering a new venture, and unequivocally maintain that attempting to forge ahead without such assistance would be folly for today's entrepreneur" - Tom Oakes, TRX RV, Warman

"I always get the answers I need ...... or in the very least, pointed in the right direction.... this program is so powerful!!!!  I had a friend who took a Masters in Business look at my business plan, and he was floored that I learned and understood terminologies and applications in 3 months, that he didn't in 8 years!  He also is speechless at the transformation he's seen in me since I began this program, that I've become focused, grounded and balanced in a way he's never witnessed in a person in such a short time! - Candice Zimmerman, Sunday Morning Salon and Spa, Saskatoon

We are the only school dedicated to entrepreneurship and launching companies in Canada.  Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the only business incubator in the province, we have assisted approximately 800 people launch their companies.  Saskatoon is the largest city in the province and its growth rate continues to rank at or near the top in the nation.  It consistently ranks as one of the most Entrepreneurial Cities in Canada, providing opportunity for people to establish their dream business.  PSE also has a sister campus in an eco village near Craik, Saskatchewan, located between the two largest cities in the province. 

As a small school with approximately 40 local students per year, and an expected equal number of international students per year, students form relationships quickly and are supported well by the facilitators, coaches and staff.  Information is readily available in the main office and classrooms.  

This section of our website provides information about student policies and processes. For more information on any of these policies, please refer to the complete Student Manual, or talk to your facilitators regarding any concerns you may have. Complete copies of the Student Manual and all our policies are available at our central office: 99 – 120 Sonnenschein Way, Saskatoon, SK.