Academic Support

Academic and Life Skills Counselling

Praxis provides 80+ modules in the startSMART International Program that include an introduction to Canadian Culture/Life Skills and Business Life Skills (see Program Modules Group I and II in Appendices).

Students also receive weekly coaching throughout the first two phases of the program and bi-weekly in the third.  If they choose the co-op term (optional) between phase 1 and 2, bi-weekly coaching is also included.  During these assigned times, each student has the opportunity to discuss their personal, academic and business situations with a coach and receive support and/or referral to other professionals or organizations in the community if necessary.

Primary coaches are:

Secondary coaches are:

Other organizations that provide life skills training include:

Business Supports

We have an alumni base of approximately 800 and a wide, established network in the business community through many organizations such as the ones following.  The business community is welcoming and often willing to provide advice and introductions.

Saskatchewan Home Based Business Association

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

Business and Professional Women

North Saskatoon Business Association

Raj Manek Mentorship


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