Internal Dispute Resolution

The expectation in a group of this nature is that there will be avid discussion and debate at times but also a sharing of experience, knowledge and viewpoints.  There will also be speakers from a variety of backgrounds and experience.  Respect and support is the foundation of this program.  If you have a problem with someone, address the issue with him or her outside of the session time and in private.  If there is still a problem, address it in your coaching session or separately with one of the facilitators.  If the situation can still not be resolved, the President will meet with the student and any involved parties.

Student Advocacy

In the event that a student concern is brought forward that cannot be effectively dealt with internally, PSE will facilitate forming a student body or organization to assist with the advocacy and support of the student. To date, students have not requested or organized as such given our small size and the collaborative nature of our training approach. If needed, a student driven body will be formed within 10 working days of when a request is brought forward.

Regular discussions and group/individual feedback occurs throughout the program.  Any issues that cannot be solved as a result, have been handled through the program manager, coach and directly with the President through collaborative discussion and with the student's best interest in mind.  Records are made of these meetings and agreed to by all parties.  To date this has not occurred.

The students also have a monthly peer support group called The Outer Circle where they provide support to each other during the program.  It is a facilitated group where they identify challenges and or opportunities and help each other solve the problems or brainstorm ideas.

Most importantly, entrepreneurial students are provided with the tools to advocate on their own behalf and develop safe workplaces within their own companies given they will own their own businesses.  They are also introduced to the business organizations in the city where they learn the role of advocacy.

International Student Advisor
Elaine Mantyka
99 - 120 Sonnenschein Way
Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W2
306 664 0500


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