The"E" list

After being, teaching, eating, living, and breathing "entrepreneurship" for over 20 years, we thought we had a pretty good idea about exactly what entrepreneurship was. Then, we started talking to other entrepreneurs about its definition. Boy, did we get schooled - old-school.

We started asking these entrepreneurs what entrepreneurship meant, and specifically what it meant to them. What we found was that it seemed that many people had a hard time defining it, but everyone could describe it. It became clear that trying to define entrepreneurship might lead us to that same conundrum with definitions that led a U.S. Supreme Court judge to once utter, "I don't know what it is, but I recognize it when I see it."

So rather then try to offer a definitive definition here, we thought we'd offer up the examples we received, and continue to receive. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, then maybe you'll recognize yourself here; if you're not an entrepreneur, you'll probably not "get" most of this anyway.

Regardless, with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy;