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Helen Oro is Cutting a Figure with Confidence in the Fashion World

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Live Simply

This has so many implications for entrepreneurs. As we establish our worth on this planet, we need to make sure that what we are providing is needed, will advance our planet (even if it is in a small way), and contributes to a healthier, happier space.

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Get a Jumpstart on Your 2017 Taxes

Here is some interesting information from the Financial Post about the new changes to various income tax and benefit amounts, most of which are indexed to inflation.

Take note of the rates for CPP contributions for self employed vs. being an employee in your own corporation.

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Future Predictions

As we as entrepreneurs are planning/dreaming/creating our futures - we should be mindful of what the future is going to be doing all on its own. How will you capture the moment - be part of the new and interesting - see even more opportunities and possibilities to have an impact? Thanks to Praxis Alum Duayne Leys, owner of Main Street Computer Solutions in Rosetown, for this share.

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Chris Wood, Wood's Body Goods

The Winter '16 issue of STEP's GLOBALVENTURES article (pp. 8-9) about Praxis alum Chris Wood, and her business Wood's Body Goods, is a great story of persistence, passion and making the world a better place. Also, congratulations to Chris for her place in Flow magazine (amazing deodorant, by the way)!

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