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A Valuable Lesson About Mistakes

No one comes to this planet with a set of tools to make all the right decisions - that would be silly frankly. We do come into the world with a set of tools that over time are crafted into something like a science kit. We read, research, try stuff out, when it doesn't work - try it out a different way, and each time we learn something that gets added to the tool kit.

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Words of Advice from 50 Successful Entrepreneurs

Being a successful entrepreneur frequently involves a series of missteps and mistakes before finally nailing the right idea or business. The difference between giving up and persisting through the toughest times can be getting and listening to advice from people who have done it before.

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Engage to create change - #TransformSK

#TransformSK is the largest pan-industry consultation in Saskatchewan history, mandated to developing the collective vision and action plan necessary to shape the next generation of provincial economic and social prosperity.

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Congratulations Praxis alum Karen Marie Kobussen

Congratulations to Praxis alum Karen Marie Kobussen, member of the month at BPW Saskatoon (Business and Professional Women of Saskatoon)!

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MARZ Plumbing, owned and operated by Praxis Alum Natasha Martynes Offers Excellent Plumbing Services

If you need excellent plumbing services with smiles to boot - call on MARZ Plumbing, owned and operated by Praxis Alum Natasha Martynes.

Hire a plumber you can trust. MARZ Plumbing is licensed, bonded & insured. Big or small, they do it all!

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