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Entrepreneurship Featured in Career Options Magazine

Entrepreneurship is at last considered a real career!  In celebration of that, we advertised in this magazine. Check out the latest edition and find us in the article featuring one of the Dragons!     …Continue reading

Praxis Profile: ADELE KULYK

Like many Canadians, Praxis Alumni Adele Kulyk found that our health care system wasn’t meeting her family’s needs. Waiting to see doctors then waiting to see specialists followed by the frustration and concern of not getting answers or being advised that treatment was not readily available or not affordable, drove Kulyk to take control of her family’s health. Kulyk became aware of three critical factors: Geographical location often limits access to medical specialists; Wait times can mean the difference between life and death; and there is a completely different approach to medicine available, an approach that is both compassionate and caring. Today, Global …Continue reading

Entrepreneur Enlightenment: The Art of "Follow-Up"

“I have sent email after email and am still waiting for a response!” “I left several voice mail messages, yet he/she hasn’t returned my call!” There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a response from an email or phone call, especially when there is a deadline or a critical decision hinges on an answer. People may forget to reply, may not have received the message before it was erased, or have simply been too busy. If one contact method isn’t working, switch your follow-up approach. For instance, if you sent emails, follow-up with a phone call or vice versa. Another effective method is the good old fashioned sales call. …Continue reading

Praxis Success!
The Cupcake Conspiracy

The Cupcake Conspiracy finished the StartSMART Program in 2009 and opened up their store in the newly renovated King George Hotel. Their product and brilliant marketing skills have garnered them major success and recognition in a short period of time. If you have had the pleasure of sampling one of their delectable cupcakes, you could understand why! In 2010, they were honored by Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan for the Emerging Business Award and were finalists in the Best New Business Venture for the Chamber of Commerce’s SABEX Award. 2011 saw even more recognition as finalists in the Marketing category for SABEX and winners of the Best New Business Venture for SABEX. That year, …Continue reading

Praxis Profile: JEFF JOHANNSON

Dirty Bird Customs Inc. -Jeff Johannson www.dirtybird.ca / 306-230-3764Award winning 1952 Allstate (2nd place in cyclemanias 2011 show) “I think it’s time to jump off the cliff”……… (or something like that) … is what I said to my wife a couple of months into an unplanned job search. I have wanted, for as long as I can remember, to start my own business. Not just any business, and not just to own a business or to be my own boss…….. but to have a custom bike shop. In July 2010 doors opened to Dirty Bird Customs Inc. in Saskatoon. When I was a kid, I watched my brother with his ‘ol shovel head bike, and it was gold to me. …Continue reading