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Denyse Klette Saskatoon Artist Releases Her First Colouring Book for Adults, Fairies in Dreamland

Most of us have heard of how difficult it is for artists to make a living in their art - but it can be done. Denyse Klette believed that there was a path she could take to bring joy to many people and become a role model for other artists in their endeavour to make art a career. We know there is much more ahead for Denyse as she shares her talent with the world!

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Dr. Lara Boyd - How Neuroplasticity Gives You the Power to Shape the Brain You Want

Think. Practice. Adapt. Create. Fail. Revise. Repeat. We are moving into the world of individual customization (health, education, service) and as entrepreneurs we need to think about the neuroplasticity of our brains - how we can learn and adapt and change through practice. Creating and implementing ideas is a practice and developing a business is really like science (theory, experimentation, failure, change something, try again).

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Raj Manek Seminar: Attracting and Retaining Millennial Talent

Don't forget to attend the Raj Manek Mentorship program seminar tonight on Attracting and Retaining Millennial Talent.  Even if you don't have employees right now, it is a great way to learn for the future.  Remember that Praxis School of Entrepreneurship recently partnered with the Program on mentorship so this is your opportunity to see some of the benefits of joining and being paired with a mentor that can help you grow forward.  Even if you have a mentor, having a second one means added benefit so attend tonight and consider joining the program as well.  We have been mentors for many years and have seen the benefits Praxis alum

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Praxis International Takes on Indoor Urban Gardening: Day 8

Not quite ready to pick on day 8!

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Praxis International Takes on Indoor Urban Gardening: Day 7

Got a little too close to the light with the camera on Day 7 but the stems are emerging. We are learning that we put some of the seedlings in a bit early and they didn't take but with the system we can pop them out and replace with new ones as soon as they finish sprouting.

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