Our Programs

The Praxis School of Entrepreneurship has, for almost 20 years, designed and delivered custom educational programming. All of our publicly offered programs have in some way contributed to an individual's ability to be or remain self-sufficient. Our most popular programs have been the SMART series.

The "Dummy" Books and the "IDIOT'S Guide to..." are both very popular series and have been around for a long time.  But we put the “SMART” back into the picture because business owners today have to have the savvy, finesse and creativity that goes along with success.  We focus on the positive and the SMART, rather than the DUMMY or IDIOT approach.


This program starts by providing the entrepreneur with some interactive tools to help assess whether they should be in business and if so, what type of business opportunity best suits them.  If they wish to move forward, they will have access to training modules, tools and coaching to help them understand the basics of starting and running a successful business. 


This program is intended to increase the business owner’s chances of developing a business that can weather the ups and downs of the market; deal with changes in labour supply;  increases in costs; or changes in their industry.  It includes strategic planning, market analysis, R&D, business networking, developing a sustainable business; variance analysis and other tools.



The program is intended to increases your chances of growing strategically; obtaining the right amount and type of financing; managing cash flow and making better growth decisions.  It includes modules such as hiring for expansion; exporting; importing; accessing growth capital; financing options; and others.



This program in succession planning is intended to create a smoother transition; attain a better chance to achieve post ownership goals; increase chances of planning well in advance and attracting the right buyer.  It includes modules such as when to start your exit strategy, how to transition internally, how to value your company, and different ways to transition.



This program is geared to preparing individuals to work entrepreneurially within an existing organization.  Companies today need to be ready to shift quickly to respond to the changes in customer needs.  Having employees that are able to do this is essential.  Market analysis, market development, sales, opportunity identification, forecasting and other development tools are included.


Are You an Entrepreneur?

Have you ever wondered if running your own business is the right choice for you?  This half day workshop will introduce you to the life of an entrepreneur through the eyes of entrepreneurs.  Find out what type of entrepreneur you are and how it might impact your choice of business; explore what types of opportunities fit your business and personal goals; hear about why businesses fail and what it takes to succeed; and what is included in a business plan.  You will take away some great tools that you can use in the future if and when you do decide to launch your own company and hear from entrepreneurs why they decided to take this career path.  If you decide you want to pursue entrepreneurship, you will have some great insight to move forward.

Other programs

Over the years we've been contracted to designed and deliver many programs to fill the needs of specific clients, or to act as components for our SMART series. A partial list of these programs include;

Contact us with your specialized training needs and see what we can design and deliver for you.